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Custom Party Favors

If you're looking for custom party favors in the Southern Maryland, Calvert County, and Surrounding Areas we've got you covered! We specialize in creating personalized party favors that will make your event one to remember. From personalized juice pouches to personalized chips, we can make your design come to life to share with your group.

Booking Information

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response after submission.

Availability depends on current bookings, inventory, and supplies on hand. 

5 days notice is required for all custom party favors. Example, a Monday request date with a Friday delivery date

All pricing based on 1-3 hour digital design and assembling time.  

Order Party Favors 

Kool Aid or Capri Sun Party Favor
Drink Pouch. Includes 6 oz pouch in Party Theme.
Kool Aid or Capri Sun Party Favor
Chip Bag. Includes 1 oz chip bags wrapped in Party Theme.
Sonic Hedgehog Party Favors
Pringles Can. Includes a 2.3 oz can in Party Theme.
Pink Dino Party Favors
Premium Dome Pringles. Includes 2.3 oz can in upgraded Party Theme.
Coloring Sheet with crayons
Coloring Sheet w/ crayons. Includes 1 (one) Personalized coloring sheet w/ 4pack colors wrapped in cellophane.
Bubbles Party Favors
Party Bubbles. Includes 2 oz colorful bubbles bottle in Party Theme.
Rice Krispies Football theme
Rice Krispies Treat or Chocolate Bar or Kinder Egg Joy
8-page coloring book w/ crayons
8-Page Coloring Book w/ crayons. Includes 8-page Personalized coloring book w/ 4pack colors wrapped in cellophane.
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Julia made my daughter's birthday day with the custom party favors. The giggles and squeals when she saw her face on the custom goodies wrapping was the best part! My order was last minute, and all I said was she likes dinosaurs and pink, and Julia made it happen. 

Everything was as described- unopened and designed neatly with amazing attention to detail. My daughter took them to school to share with her friends and they were a HUGE hit! It saved me so much time from having to run around. 100% Recommend!