Customized Yard Card Packages

A unique way to celebrate.  Book now, we handle the rest!

Packages also available in Spanish.

Free Solar Spotlight with 2 days or more rental.

 Choose Your Color

Letter Color-

Yard Card Genie offers a variety of color options.  Colors range from the basic pink and blue, to rose gold, and even plaid.


Letter Texture-

Letter textures used in your display could include Sequins, Glitter, Basic or a combination of all three.  Genies make your display as unique as you are!  See examples of letter textures below.


*Color and texture options used for your display are based on availability and inventory. Special orders need 2 weeks advance notice so as to make arrangements with our vendor. 


Sequins close-up macro. Abstract backgro


Rainbow glitter image


Yellow,blue and red papers background.Co

Choose Your Graphics

Genies hand-pick graphics based on your reservation form.  We tailor your greetings display to include hobbies, favorite colors, sports, and any other graphic suggestions you may have.

*Graphics options vary and are based on availability and inventory. 

healthcare yard cards
golf card yard card
ballerina yard card
unicorn yard card
graduation yard card

Free delivery to Calvert and St. Mary's County.  Additional travel fee may be required.